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I've recently received an extract kit with a bag of grains included. Is this considered a partial extract? If its full extract, what's the point of the grain bag if it can be accomplished through additional amounts of liquid extract?

What you have is probably what's referred to as "extract and specialty grains".  You'll have to tell us what grain it is and how much, but it's likely something like crystal malt that you steep before adding the extract.  If that's the case, then the grain won't need conversion so it's not a partial mash.  If the grain has diastatic power and needs to be mashed, not steeped, then it's a partial mash.

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Also, The reason for specialty grains is that you have more control over the flavor of the beer. Extract has grains that you might not want for that particular type, and once they are extract, you can't get them out.

When I did extract brews, I only used the pilsen light extract, and added whatever specialty grains I needed in order to make the flavor I wanted. Most of the malts which add color are specialty grains, and don't need to be mashed.


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