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What's Brewing this Weekend - 5/18 edition?

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What do you guys have going this weekend?  I have a starter of chico going and am thinking of going old school Amber Ale:

12 gal 1.056/44 IBUs
81.5% 2 row
11% Eng Med Crystal
5% Victory
2.5% Pale chocolate

Chinook to bitter
4oz Cascade/Centennial at 15,flameout and dryhop (+1oz Columbus)

What about you?

Working all weekend, but have over a week with no work coming up soon.  I hope to work on my brewing deficit during that time.

Waldo Lake Amber and easy.....GO BEAVERS !!!!

My IPA recipe will hit the brew kettle tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it!

Also kegging a Witbier and planting more of my garden on Sunday. :)

No batches going in the kettle this weekend but I have some other stuff going on. I'm lagering my first lager, so that's going to tie up my fermentation chamber for a while. I'm going to go ahead and lager a barleywine with it. I have an imperial stout that is finishing fermentation and after resting for a couple weeks I'm going to add it to the chamber with the other two beers for a brief lager. Then all three will get bottled up late May/early June, so I'm going to start growing up some yeast for bottling those three beers plus some blackberry lambic.

I also have a couple brett strains I'm trying to build to a pitchable quantity, so I have those working over the weekend and next couple weeks as well.


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