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Stone AHA Rally - March 13

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Hi All,

Wanted to see if anyone from the LA area is headed down to Stone for the upcoming Rally on March 13.  The Long Beach Homebrewers have organized a bus trip for this event and we would like to extend the invitation to other LA area homebrewers that are interested in a fun and safe way to get down to Stone and back for the rally.

We'll be stopping by Pizza Port-Carlsbad on the way down for lunch prior to the rally, and also stopping by The Lost Abbey on our way back.

Cost is $50 per person and it includes round trip bus, Lunch @ Pizza Port, beer tasting at Pizza Port and Lost abbey and beer on the bus!

We'll be departing the Long Beach Willow St. Station at 9:00am and returning there at the end of the day (probably around 8pm).

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in going, you must do 2 things (1) RSVP to the AHA  (2) RSVP to Jim Schmalzried via email and get your $ ready (collected day of, cash or check to the Long Beach Homebrewers)

Space is limited on the bus to 55's first come first get on the list early! This is a fun and safe way for everyone to attend the rally without any worries!

Email Jim Schmalzried ( to sign up for the bus trip.

Call or email with any questions!

See you then!

Jim Schmalzried
Ph: 714-642-4451

Drew, you moved this topic 2 days after the event?

We just created the forum and I wanted to get it populated with some sample content.

Gotcha...I can add some of my pics if you want.

That would be wunderbar


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