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Still semi sweet mead taste like pyment?


rhcpfan4002: mead taste good but not to style. I can't figure out how my mead taste like a pymnet? It has a very nice, but not what i wanted, winey taste along with the honey.  Is it the honey? I used WLP007 yeast as well. It smelled as I wanted it to taste but had a winey taste.  All I did was take 5 gallons of water and drop in 10 lbs of honey. Then just added oxygen, yeast nutrients and the starter and left it alone for 4.5 months. Any help would be appreciated because I have no idea how I did that without affecting the smell by just mixing together yeast, water and honey.

It's hard to say where the winey taste came from.  It could be oxidation . . . but without tasting it it's really hard to say.  Do you know any qualified judges?  Are you in a club?

We have judges at my club, one is a master, but none that are really "mead judges". Unfortunately, I have this feeling that a lot of people see mead as the red headed stepchild where I live. :( I brought my last bottle to them and they were able to pinpoint what that off flavor was but that's about it.  They told me there is a club member who is really into making mead but he shows up very randomly. I am out of mead but if I have this problem again I'll probably ask our president for his phone number. See if he is able to help out. Thanks for giving me another variable to work with though tschmidlin. Never thought that it could be oxidation..even thought one of the characteristics is winy/vinous. 

I've made a lot of meads, but never with WLP007.

When you say "like a pyment" what do you mean - many different pyments, so what is it you are tasting or smelling?
4 months is early for a mead to find itself, think 6-12 months.

What was start and end gravity?  What temperatures do you ferment at? 

I like to use wine yeast like Lalvin D47 or 71B and have had success with wyeast sweet mead yeast also. Suggest follow Curt Stock/Michael "Moonlight Meadery" Fairchild's protocols for nutrients and temperature.

The mead had a chardonnay like taste to it, in my opinion, but had a floral honey smell. A few people stated it had a pyment like taste to it.  We basically fermented it for 14 days at 66F then lagered for 120 days at 60F then aged for 8 months in bottles. Our original gravity was .083 and our final gravity was .014. Do you think it may of been the yeast? Thought that yeast would be more neutral and especially would not add chardonnay like flavors. Where can one find Curt Stock/Michael "Moonlight Meadery" Fairchild's protocols for nutrients and temperature?


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