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Beer got darker once kegged

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Joe Sr.:
Kegged up a saison about two weeks ago.  Tapped it today and it has gotten darker in the keg.  And it just doesn't taste right.  The color is weird, like it has raspberries or something in it.

The keg was clean and sanitized and still had starsan foam in it, so I know there wasn't any other beer in there.

I saved the yeast slurry and took a side by side photo of the beer from the keg and the beer from on top of the slurry.  The beer from the slurry still tastes great, so whatever happened went wrong in the keg.

Any one have any ideas?  What sort of infection will make a beer darker?

I'm going to brew this saison again, but with the weirdness once kegged I'm not sure I should use the yeast slurry.

Oxidation can cause darkening, but that seems pretty extreme.  Did your yeast slurry have any water added that would ligtetn the color?

Joe Sr.:
Nope. No water added.

I thought oxidation, too. But I vented the headspace when I filled the keg. At least I assume I did as that is SOP. I don't take any notes about that.

You can't see it in the photo but it's a weird reddish pink. Even the foam looks pinkish. 

Perhaps it is contaminated somehow? And, is 2 weeks enough time for an infection to show itself that aggressively?

If you were "sampling" and/or distracted during cleaning and racking something might have been missed. ;D Perhaps the diptube has gunk in it.

I have seen oxidation dramatically darken a beer. Did you purge the keg with Co2?


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