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Fresh Bitter Orange Peel


So I noticed "Seville Sour Oranges" being sold at the upscale supermarket near my school. I googled them, and they're "bitter oranges" or "curacao oranges." Since I was already planning on brewing a couple witbiers (one hoppier and unspiced with 3711 and a more traditional wit with coriander, bitter orange peel, and cardamom with 3864).

My question: how much fresh bitter orange peel to use? My assumption is a half a peel (peeled off with a vegetable peeler) at 10 min and the other half at flameout. I make this assumption largely because I am guessing the dried stuff is about 1/4 the volume of the regular stuff (assuming that about 75% of the peel is water). Does anyone else have experience using fresh bitter orange peel?

I don't know the answer to your question, but for a frame of reference, I use a microplane and peel: 2 medium sized sweet oranges, 2 tangerines and one lemon per 12 gallons and put in at 5min to go. I forget the weight of all of that (its on my recipe at home) but I do try to keep it approx the same everytime.

I think 1 orange total for 5 gal is piddly.


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