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Yeast cultivation in bottle...from a bottle


I just tried cultivating some yeast for the first time...but I went about things in an interesting way:

I took a bottle of Orchard White from the Bruery and poured everything from the bottle minus the
last inch or so (it's a wine bottle 750 that indents in the bottom center).  I've been told the yeast
works well for cultivation.  I created some wort, ice-bathed it and then added it to the bottle with
the yeast.  From there I read about "stepping up" and figured I was getting in over my head slightly.

SO...instead of going through the stepping up process I just added a packet of dry yeast to what
I already had.  I am hoping that I will basically get a combination of 2 yeast strands this way.  It's
been only about 16 hours and the airlock shows no signs of fermentation. 

Anyone have input on whether you think I will get a starter of the 2 strains combined effectively?  Can
anyone help give me some input on how much fermentation activity I will be seeing?  I have essentially
13-14oz of wort with yeast and was planning to dump it all in to my future Saturday brew.

13-14 oz is WAY too much. When stepping up from old, stressed slurry, you want to start with maybe 50 mL.

Second, a packet of dry yeast is going to outnumber the yeast you want by a factor of a hundred or so. You probably won't see any difference from just using the dry yeast in your beer.

Hmmm...what do you suppose is the effect of my 13-14 oz?  Would you recommend anything in particular since this appears to be such a large size?  Not so sure what the best option is here...

Maybe I could pour off the majority and do a step up from there?

I think the damage has been done.  If you really want two different yeast strains to pitch at the same time, your best bet would to start over.  Give the yeast in the bottle some wort to start growing, and let it sit for a few days.  After that, step it up until you have equal parts of both strains to pitch at the same time.

WHY did u pitch the dry yeast?..IMHO,it's not worth "rustling" yeast from bottles when so many EXCELLENT yeats even dry ones available.BUY a good yeast and harvest the primary cake and save and with a stirplate-one of the best acquistions in my 15 yrs brewing-U can have excellent health


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