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Goose Island 25th Anniversary Ale


They say on the web site it's based on an unreleased beer called Honker’s Deluxe. It's a very nice ESB, with good malt and hops balance and a little sweetness in the finish. It left me in the mind of fresh Fuller's ESB, but with a little more alcohol and carbonation. I will buy more while it's available.

I'm not sure if this is only a local thing or if it will get wider distribution than the Chicago area. I've seen complaints on some rating sites that they didn't do some big stout/Belgian thing, but this is a tribute to the beers that inspired John Hall to open a brewpub back in 1988, when that was a pretty risky move.

Mark G:
It's a delicious ESB. Drink it at cellar temp and it really shines. Get it while you can, it won't last.

Joe Sr.:
Where are you finding it?  Do I need to hit Binny's or is it getting into the super markets?

Heading to the store tonight, so maybe I'll be sipping one soon.

Mark G:
Haven't seen it at any grocery stores, but then again, I haven't really looked there. Binny's should have it for sure, or most other local liquor stores.

I got it at the Kimbark Liquors in Hyde Park so I'm sure Binny's will have it. I live in the south 'burbs and haven't seen it in any grocery stores.


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