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Foolproof Brewery La Ferme Urbaine


We have a new brewery that just started up in my area, and I'm just getting my hands on some of their brew right now. I'm really impressed by their Saison, and thought I'd spread the love here.

It is a brilliantly clear, deep gold. There's a hint of orange in the color that has me wondering if there's some CaraMunich or something similar in here as well. The ester profile really reminds me of 3711 - some banana on the nose, but the palate is mostly spice with that banana ester way in the background. Once the spice fades, there is a nice malt complexity behind it. There is a nice noble hop presence as well, but the spiciness and malt complexity are what steal the show for me. Mouthfeel is dry and drinkable without being thin.

This brew has everything that I like about Saisons working for it. If you're in the Mass/RI area show Foolproof Brewing some love. If the rest of their beers are anything like this I want them to stick around.

Just wanted to post a quick follow up on this. I facebook messaged the brewery and they for right back to me and answered all my questions about the beer.

I was wrong about the Crystal malt (the color comes from their direct fire kettle). I was right about the yeast (WY3711) , though. Yet another perk of being a homebrewer - you gain a much greater understanding and appreciation of craft beer. I'm actually pretty proud of being able to detect a specific yeast strain in a brew, even if it is a fairly distinct one at that. Maybe it's time to start looking into that BJCP test...


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