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In The Sand:
Thoughts on malts & hops for my BMC friends to ease them into craft beer?  I'd like to do an ale, since I only do ales and don't have a lager fridge.  Not sure what hops would be well suited for this style.  Any ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Look into a cream ale.  Here are a few....

Its tough to brew a similar beer as they're used to drinking. Cream, Blond, American Wheat, Kolsch, etc. are, IMO, the toughest styles of ale to brew well enough to pass of as commercial.

You may try coming at them from a different angle. A good amount of my wife's BMC-drinking family really enjoyed a light, chocolaty brown ale that I made for our wedding. Others have really enjoyed a fruit beer made with a LOT of raspberries.

The flavors can't be too intense, and bitterness should be at an absolute minimum.

Witbier is a nice place to start. Its not too difficult to make a good version if you brew all-grain and can get unmalted wheat.

My wife's first craft love was with a local brewery's mild, so maybe that or ordinary bitter?

You may ask if they like Blue Moon, Amber Bock, Guinness, etc. to get a good feel for their palate. Also, if they drink wine, you can find a beer style that parallels the flavor profile of their favorite varietal. Maybe even a light-colored, simple ale with grape must and honey? If they like the bubbly (or light spirits), you might try a Duvel clone.

Familiar flavors can attract the uninitiated. Chocolate, coffee, cherry pie, mole, creme brulee, lemonade. These flavors allow the newcomer to think of familiar foods rather than their expected 'flavors' in beer.

A Red can work too.  Not too many hops, not too much color and a smooth finish.  I've made a couple that BMC drinkers liked, after twisting their arms to try something they could see in their glass.


I've brewed american wheat beers with tropical hops, like citra, summit or something from NZ, and my BMC friends, or PMC in this case (Pacifico, Modelo, Corona), really liked them. Also wit biers and Hefe Weizens are pretty popular. Some of them actually liked my brown porters and APA's but most of them said they were too bitter.


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