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Folks, Aaron the Intern here.  There are some seriously cool set-ups out there and people have responded to the Pimp My System feature on the website very positively.  As Gary has mentioned, the forum is a great place to show your stuff off, but it is only seen by registered members of the Forum.  Two things come to mind:  1) More registered members means more people who get to admire your genius.  Why not get a buddy or two to sign up?  It's free, it's fun, and the content that YOU provide is first rate. 2) Use this forum to show off not just your brewing apparatus, but cool brewing gadgets you may have created or designed.  A sweet single tier system with all the bells and whistles is cool, but the guy who creates a unique sparge device will get his system featured over the next guy.

Also, we absolutely love the build out shoots.  If you are planning to build a new system, document it.  I want to see it, your peers want to see it, and even though they don't know it yet, the public wants to see it. 

A the I

Hillside Brewing:
Just wanted to show some pics of my bar. I had it custom built for my house. My kegerator is in the room behind the bar. It was built out of red oak by a close friend. I brew in my garage on the Blichman TopTier.

Vin S:
 Timmy, nice bar welcome to the forum.

Nice bar. Mine has the red painted walls and the same chairs.

Very nice work.  I'm envious.


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