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pH questions regarding decoction mash


My Bock is mashed in at 145º.  I'm going to decoct up to 158º.   
I measured the pH (a cooled sample, using colorphast strips)   and the strip read 5.0 pH (which according to Kai's experiment is actually 5.3) 
Reading Kai's page he suggested a pH of 5.4 or higher for decoction mashes and ones using a weak enzymatic malts.    This grain bill is mostly Munich II.   If I wanted to raise the pH, what would be the easiest way?   

Calcium carbonate is the easiest way to raise the mash pH./

10-4.  I've got a pound of that lying around.  Maybe I'll try it next time.   I'm usually always 5.2-5.3 so I've never had to mess with it.

How could I miss a topic that has "pH" and "decoction" in its title ;)

Woody, if the mash converted just fine, the pH was good enough too.

My thinking about pH and decoction mash is not only about the enzymes but also about the Maillard reactions and extraction of huks compounds. These are favored by higher pH and a decoction boil actually lowers the pH too. I.e. if you already start low you'll end up even lower at the end of the decoction. This being said, I did an experiment where I decoction mashed one Maerzen at 5.40 (starting mash pH) and the other one at 5.55. I was aiming for a larger pH spread but didn't get it b/c I didn't have the results of my mash pH experiment yet and overestimated the effects that the RA change would have.

I noted that the higher pH one has a bit more malt aroma but also noted that the differences are very subtle. I have to get my blog working again and publish the results.

If you want to raise the mash pH, you can start out with chalk. But chalk has the problem that it looses its effectiveness when more is added. I don't know why but my mash pH experiments showed that. Baking soda works better but you have to be careful that you don't add too much sodium to your water.



--- Quote from: Kaiser on November 20, 2009, 11:44:39 AM ---How could I miss a topic that has "pH" and "decoction" in its title?

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ha ha I was surpirsed when you weren't the first to chime in.   I'll mess around with a higher ph next time I do a decoction.  I'm hopefully gonna have my water report soon as well

been on your trip back to germany?


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