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In the interest of friendly banter, what are you hobbies or other interests?

Mine are, paranormal investigations, whitewater kayaking, snow skiing, hunting(got a 6 point the other day), cooking out on the grill/smoker.  

Forgot to add that I spend a fair amount of time in the garden too, coming up on third year hops.

Gardening/Landscaping in the spring & summer.
Catching up on some reading and camping in the summer - though we didn't get out much this year (babies and campfires don't mix well)
Fall - taxi the oldest around to her various organized activities (its not what I want/like to do, but I don't seem to have time for much else)
Fall/Winter - PC gaming or catching up on some reading at night, playing with the kids any chance I get (especially outside)

Shooing-reloading,more of a target shooter; hunting (took my youngest grandson out sat morn and he got his first -a 6 point);
Building model aircraft and I'm not that good at it; playin music-played guitar for 37 years- but I dont play much anymore.....
That's about it for me.

Hunting, fishing, sportbikes, snowmobiling, cooking. So little time...

My other hobbies are wine making, cooking at a gourmet level, collecting Swiss automatic movement dive watches and tinkering with their inward movements. I had a new fetish but have pretty well nipped that in the bud but I was starting to acquire quite a few Japanese chef knives. I have bought the equivalent of 4-5 complete sets of chef knives in the past 2-3 years. Normally though the first thing I would of stated was Jeeps but I am currently Jeep-less and am not going to look for another for a while.


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