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klickitat jim:
It's normal to be all over the place wanting to clone twenty styles. Its all part of the journey. I'd pick a favorite and find a reputable clone then work on the process to dial it in. Its a great way to learn things that apply down the road. Or so I'm learning

That sounds like advice for someone who doesn't drink beer. If you drink beer, make the beer you like. If you like doing that, then expand your horizons. I would try to visit some breweries to sample lots of types, and in 3- 4 ounce samples usually. Remember don't judge a style till you have had a good number of examples.

klickitat jim:
That too!  I try something new every time I can. My input was when it comes down to trying to replicate something. Even if you brew weekly and keep good notes, trying to clone twenty beers would be a serious venture


--- Quote from: shane70 on June 11, 2013, 09:21:52 PM ---Since Im just starting out wanting to make my own brew,...
...The taste is a bit stronger than Miller Genuine Draft, but is very drinkable.

--- End quote ---

If your goal is to brew your own MGD clone, be aware your biting off a bit much.  MGD, Bud, et al are lagers and most homebrewers start out with ales as they're easier/cheaper/faster.  Also, beers like MGD have relatively little flavor and are extremely "clean".  From a brewers perspective, that means that there is almost nothing there to hide the inevitable flaws that will crop up with beginners homebrew.

A good strategy is to continue what you're doing (tasting lots of commercial examples of different styles) to find some styles that would be better for your first homebrew effort.  Side benefit is that, as you try more and more different styles, you may well develop a taste for more "flavorful" beer.


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