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red velvet


Hello, im trying to do the recipe posted on the wiki..( im trying to do a low gravity red velvet...something near 1.060 and 45 IBUS...any suggestion to modify on the grain bill?

Another think is about salts concentration. Im a little aware about 101 ppm chloride and 208 ppm sulfate. That combination produce harshness to the beer, am i wrong?

thanks for your comments :D

well lowering the  gravity that much will change some of the water chemistry but I don't think you have to worry about harshness. It will be a bit minerally but that may be what they are after.

Any suggestion to reduce this values for a 1060 OG beer?

Use reverse osmosis water and add 112 ppm calcium, 27 ppm magnesium, 238 ppm alkalinity, 80 ppm sodium, 101 ppm chloride, and 208 ppm sulfate

It could be better if i use an "amber bitter" water profile on brun's water spreadsheet?



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