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klickitat jim:
So, day before yesterday i used a sanitized paint stir gizmo on a drill to stir my hot wort while my 25' 3/8" IC did its thing. I guess I thought if moving the wort past the coil was a good thing, why not do it with a machine. It worked wicked fast. Like from just below boil to 70 in about ten minutes. But someone reminded me about HSA. So I broke out Palmer HTB. But I also surfed the web on it. Seems there is some jury still out on this for the homebrew scale. To the point of calling it a myth at the 5 gallon level.

Its going to be real interesting to see how this one turns out. I can tell you that it is fermenting really nicely and has some awesome fresh hops odors. I'm not declaring this victory over the dragon yet, but how cool would it be to chill in ten minutes with a $3 paint stir?

Find the Charles Bamforth interview on the Brewing Network. He says there are many other things to worry about, and good fermentation a will take care of much of it IIRC. I don't know if he ever thought about what you did, though.

These days I am not too paranoid about a little splashing.

Let us know how it turns out.

I don't think HSA is going to be an issue here- aren't you going to aerate right after chilling anyway?  Haven't run into HSA with a vigorous whirlpool at that stage in seven years of brewing.

Sounds like Jamil's whirlpool chiller does just about the same thing.

Like Jeff said, if Charles Bamforth thinks it's nothing to worry about and I haven't seen it in my own brewery, I'm not gonna worry about it!

klickitat jim:
I've read a bunch on it. Seems that pre boil HSA is more of an issue than post boil.

I know it will be amazing if I can get from boil to pitch in ten minutes without a $150 pump.

I'm very curious if some magic happened from stirring those hops so vigorously because it smells like it has three times the hops I put in.

By the way, my whirlpool was much more aggressive than a jamil ic. We're talking 4" wide vortex almost to the bottom of the pot.


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