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Wyeast 1010 vs Chico

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--- Quote from: skyler on June 27, 2013, 03:56:15 PM ---As I believe 1010 is the Widmer strain, I would comment that I don't think it is necessarily a "wheat beer yeast" but just a basic American ale yeast with a bit more character than 1056. I find widmer's pale ale and black IPA to be severely underrated. That said, chico is so consistent that I have never even tried using 1010.

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AFAIK, 1010 has German origins.

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+1.  I always heard it was more or less an alt strain.

I have read that it is the Widmer strain, but made its way from Zum Uerige.

1007 is more like the Uerige strain. 1010 is what it morphed into.


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