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Headed to Minneapolis for a few days. I know surly is there but anyone have any suggestions for either beer bars or breweries not to miss?


Depending on when you are here, check out in Minneapolis, listed in my order of preference:
Dangerous Man in NE,
Town Hall in 7 Corners,
Fulton around Target Field,
Indeed in NE,
Harriet in South

Around Minneapolis I like to visit Steel Toe to the west and Surly to the north.

In St Paul, check out Summit on Friday Nights. 

In Roseville check out Pour Decisions, run by a couple of guys who helped with the NHC when it was here a few years back.  I don't get over here nearly enough.

There are several solid beer bars as well.

I'll second Steel Toe brewing for sure. Try Republic (Minneapolis) or Happy Gnome (St. Paul) for good beer bars. Northeast Minneapolis ("Nordeast") has a handful of new breweries- Indeed, Dangerous Man and 612. Haven't been there myself yet, but I've heard good things about Indeed.

Pour Decisions for sure too. Depending on what days of the week you are here you may have to settle for bottles of PD or Steel Toe. They're taprooms are open Wednesday-Saturday. Check their sites for more details. Check out Surdyks (MPLS), Ale Jail (St. Paul) or Four Firkins (St. Louis Park- western 'burb where Steel Toe is) for good bottle selections.

Hi, jlo, good to see you on here!

Pawtucket Patriot:
It's hard not to find great locally brewed beer in and around Minneapolis.  We're sort of a big deal right now in the craft beer scene.   ;)

My favorite breweries/beer bars:
Happy Gnome (St. Paul)
Town Hall (7-Corners location is great, but the Town Hall Tap at 48th & Chicago is also awesome)

Also, if you're around the 50th & France area in Edina, you should check our Cocina del Barrio if you like Mexican food.  My friend Bill is the head chef there.  Not only do they have great food, but Bill makes sure that they are always pouring great local beer.  If you're looking for a fantastic burger, check out Red Cow, which is not far from Barrio.  I ate there last night and it was one of the best burgers I've ever had!  Red Cow also has a great local beer selection.


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