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Dads Day Brew?

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klickitat jim:
Anyone spending the day brewing?

I'm doing a Fathers D' APA. MO and 2row base,  Vienna Munich and crystal 15 steeping, Simcoe and cascade hops. Pretty basic but a great way to spend the day.

Bittering it up. Uk 2 row, crystal, and that oh so special roast, and some torrified/terrified wheat. Nothing but first gold hops. 1968.

On another note, I use muntons 2 row, I need a new sack, not to hijack but goon to try something new for next sack. Sticking to ukish, what are the preferences between bairds, fawcett, and crisp?

Brewing up a wit.  Just getting started actually which is later than my usual start time but I'm taking it easy today.  My wife took the kids out and they've got a full day of stuff planned to keep them busy.

My older son gave me a painted brick.  He said it's a door stop.  I'm trying to figure out where I can incorporate it in the brewing process.  Maybe I'll use it to prop up the mash tun when I'm running off.

No brewing today for me. Our Father's Day tradition is strawberry picking and we scored big time today. I'll keep a pound or two in the fridge for snacking and the rest is going in the freezer for a mead later this summer.

No brewing today.  Grilling locally made German sausages (made by a German guy) , along with German potato salad, red cabbage, and obviously good lagers. Dad gets to set the menu today !


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