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Anybody else have issues signing in and reading eZymurgy on a Kindle Fire HD? I can't even sign in, just sits there and does nothing. Tried the change password etc. Just wondering if it's a glitch or something I'm doing.

It's a Flash applet, so it won't work on any mobile device.

Supposedly an Android app is coming out real soon now.  Maybe that'll be going onto the Amazon app store as well as Google Play?


--- Quote from: bunderbunder on June 18, 2013, 09:23:02 PM ---It's a Flash applet, so it won't work on any mobile device.

--- End quote ---

I log in and read it from my iPad all the time. Just looking at the new issue yesterday.

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I was not sure if it was Flash or not.
If it is a Flash Applet, it does not surprise me that it doesn't work on the Kindle Fire HD. I've read that the new Kindle's are not supporting Flash. I think Apple still does so that's probably why that works.
Thanks for the info, looking forward to the Android App.

Apple are the folks who led the charge on there being no Flash on mobile devices.

I just gave it a shot on my iPhone and it did load it's got a totally different interface from what's being served up to my computer.  So it's got to be using a second version that's put together in HTML5 or something like that. If I disable Flash on my computer, though, instead of sending the version of the app that goes out to the iPhone, it looks like it tries (and fails) to serve up the Flash version.

Long story short, they've got two different versions, one for Flash and one for no Flash, but the system they're using to decide which one to use is broken.


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