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There is an article in the May/June Zymurgy on yeast blending.  I have been blending Belgian strains for years with really good results.  Just wondering if anybody else has a favorite combo/temp combo.  I'm brewing a Belgian Blonde this weekend (~1.068) and I'm leaning toward a WY3787/3522 combo started around 67F , allowed to free rise after  2-3 days.  Any thoughts?  Just looking for a new flavor profile.

Spoilers much? Jerk.  :o

I tried out WLP575, which is a blend. I didn't love it but I'm interested in doing some blending of my own in the future.

My favorite blend for a Saison is WLP550 and WY3711.


--- Quote from: snowtiger87 on June 21, 2013, 12:43:49 PM ---My favorite blend for a Saison is WLP550 and WY3711.

--- End quote ---
I've used that combo, and like it really well.  I don't blend yeast for anything but Belgian styles (or every time I make a Belgian for that matter), but I think the Belgian strains seem to blend together well.

My last saison was a blend of wyeast 3724 and it.


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