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Good morning!

This is my (and all my club mates') first NHC and we've got a Social Club shift as well as a Club Night shift.  Now I'm worried, though, because I just saw on HBT forum that there are 12 taps/bar in the Social Club and only my 8 beers will be in Philly early enough to serve on Thursday afternoon.  In fact, I'd planned to serve 5 of my kegs and save the other 3 (+13 from the others) for Club Night.

Are we way underprepared?  I didn't see any specifics about the number of taps or kegs, and don't want to disappoint!

Thanks for any input!

What club are you with?

I'm with "BARF" in SE Virginia.  Why?


--- Quote from: piratwolf on June 22, 2013, 09:02:29 PM ---I'm with "BARF" in SE Virginia.  Why?

--- End quote ---
Because they want to come and drink all your beer:D

Depends on your shift. When are scheduled to pour for Social Club? Three kegs for social club is on the low end, but not out of range.


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