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Mold on wort, should I taste?

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So I made and experimental brew in the fall using a lot of Oval-tine and a bunch of other household groceries and once it was done fermenting it smelled terrible.  So terrible that I was not even brave enough to taste it so I decided to throw it out.  I seem to have forgotten to throw it out and it has been sitting in my basement in a glass carboy with airlock for months and now has mold on top of it.  I smelled it this morning and it actually smelled pretty good to me.  Should I taste it or get rid of it?  The mold scares me a little since I didn't add anything to the wort except US-05.

klickitat jim:

Taste it.

it's not going to hurt you and it might be amazing. what does the mold look like?

I'm scared

A) Nothing that grows in beer can kill you

B) Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger


C) Drinking this beer makes you stronger. Go for it!


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