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klickitat jim:
Went to check on my freezer. I have three batches fermenting in it. To my dismay my cream ale fermentor seems to have sprung a leak. I have about two gallons left in the fermentor and the rest in the bottom of the freezer.

So, time to rack it over to a good fermentor and mop up my mess. What a tragedy! I'll have to investigate the cause and not repeat it.

Jimmy K:
That happened to me last winter with a russian imperial stout. Between a boil over and overflowing fermenter, I lost about 2 gallons. At least cream ale costs less.  ;)

klickitat jim:
It was my spigot. Broke off in my hand. Must have over tightened it. Was able to rescue the yeast.

Jimmy K:
Like the spigot on a bottling bucket? I've had them break before too when bottling. Luckily it was just a slow leak then.

klickitat jim:
Ya plastic spigot. I use them on fermentor, installed just above where the trube line is. Of course that's a variable but I normally don't have a problem.  Anyway, problem found problem solved.


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