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Whats my OG?

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Hello all!

I brewed Tasty's Session Pale ale today. I ended up getting a OG for 1.040 instead of 1.044, so I added some DME.

I had approximately 2.75 gallons of 1.040, and i made 1200 ML of 1.100 wort and added it. What would that bring my OG to? And what is the math to figure this out?

Thanks a ton!

Why not just test it again?

Well im actually going to, but i was curious of the math?

One lb of DME. Will yield ~45 gravity points per gallon

So 45/2.75g=~16 gravity points or 1.016

I think I did that right....?

hmm i took a sample and it seems, i only got 1 gravity point =(


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