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Tapatalk API is expired (iOS error message)

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Whenever I log into the AHA forum from the iOS Tapatalk app I get an error message stating "Tapatalk API is expired..."  The error message goes on asking to inform my forum admin.  This post is the only way I know to inform the forum admin. Hopefully he/she will see this. Thanks!

Edit: the error states "Tapatalk API is expired. If you're the admin of this community please update Tapatalk API to the latest version. Thank you."

Thanks for the info.  I'll pass it along.  FWIW, I'm responding using Tapatalk on an iPad, and no problems.  Could very well be on your side.

I am using Tapatalk version 1.17 on an iPhone 4 in case that helps...

Edit: this error only pops up if I leave the forum (to read another forum) and then come back to it.

I'm using it on my iPhone 5 with no issues. Try and reboot your device or delete and reinstall the app.

I too am having the same problem. I have reboot my phone and still the same issue. 

I'm on iPhone 4GS.


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