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looking for norwegian farm hand ale recipe

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anyone know where to find a recipe for (or some clues for tracking down/constructing) a typical 19th century norwegian farm hand ale?

not a special holiday one, just a one a church or farmhouse would give to farm hands. specifically south central / valdres area. I don't read or speak norwegian, but if someone knows of a book or website from a society in norwegian, I may be able to get translated. thanks

I can't recall seeing any recipes specifically from Norway but they must exist somewhere. I know there are gotslandstricka (sp?) recipes floating around but that is Swedish. I've seen some other Scandinavian recipe using weizen yeast and juniper but again, not sure those are specifically out of Norway.

I'd say try contacting universities or cultural centers in that area and see if they have any resources they could recommend or anything they could send you. If you pitched a good story why you are looking for it they will probably be more prone to help you out.

I made a Norway spruce beer, but I don't think that is what you are intending, right?

once had a beer
or should I say
it once had me


--- Quote from: chumley on July 01, 2013, 08:25:31 PM ---I
once had a beer
or should I say
it once had me

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Isn't it good?


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