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So I know this is a bit morbid to discuss but I have been thinking about this recently, due to some friends close in age passing.  What happens to my beer if I drop dead?  I usually have a beer in some form of transition, be it primary, secondary or kegged with some form of addition to be added.  I have already discussed the donation of all my brewing equipment to my local home brew club with my wife and hopefully one of my brew club buddies would finish any brews I had brewing and serve them at a party in remembrance.

I think you've got a great idea.  Homebrew kegger funeral!  Also, AQ Chicken rules!  (On the coals)  I long for AQ.

Just make sure it is all well labeled.  Lately, I have taken to writing on strips of masking tape with sharpies, all I have in kegs, carboys, bottles, and what not.  This includes embarrassing things like 5 gallon carboys that say, "2005 cyser".....but I don't care.  If I drop dead, at least folks will know what that have to deal with, and can dispatch with so accordingly.

micah h:
You started it, I'll ramp it up a bit. Put a flake of my ashes in the brew and pass it out, in bottles, at my funeral.

I can see my mash tuns going at a garage sale now - "Why does this cooler have a funky drain valve?" And "why so many taps on that fridge when you can only fit a half barrel in it?" 


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