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Kegged 2 styles


First time kegging and I burped 3x @ 5psi then used 30 psi charged ,rolled keg over knee for 5 minutes ,purged and rechared for another 5 ,did this 3 times, beer was foamed up like crazy ,,well got up at 500 am and had a brain fart and though that ,,,,
I took the regulator gas line off and put in a sanditised Grawler and roll the kegs upright 4 differant times and when I shook each keg ,the CO2 roard out of the tube like crazy did this 4 times and then hooked everything back up and everything seemed Ok
Has anyone done this ?
It was my Birthday and got a later start at co2 ing my corney's
Just curious ?

Pretty much.... ::)

Except I don't leave the co2 hooked up.

Leave about half a gallon (or more) head-space in the keg and it'll carb up real quick when shaking. Best done when cold...

IME just like a bottle or can that's been shaken. Let it sit for a while and it'll settle down and can be tapped and served nearly right away if you bring the psi down.

That being said I prime my kegs now- it's easier on the back. ;)


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