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Odd looking yeast


Check out this tube of WLP400. It's dated Oct 3, 2013 (so packaged June 3, 2013?)

Pretty sure it's fine but I don't think I've noticed a yeast slurry from White Labs that was two different colors. I shook it up and when it settled it went back to having the darker yeast clump together like in the picture.

klickitat jim:
I'd say it's fine. If one layer was green or had tentacles, maybe not

Don't know why that is but I've seen in that in a tube or two before and never had a problem that I could notice.

I've stopped questioning what yeast looks like. The last vial of Brett Trois I got looked more like it should have come from a sperm bank than a yeast bank. While what you have looks odd, there's nothing about it that looks "bad" to me. Just roll with it.


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