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Have 18 ball-lock kegs of varying condition. Some needed fixin right from the CHI co. That's what I get for buying cheap kegs a couple years back.

Several have troublesome poppits. They seem ok but leak after applying pressure to the keg. I pick at them with a finger-nail to try and reseat them slightly with varying success. A keg has never totally lost pressure.

Anyone ever diagnose this problem? I've looked at everything while cleaning wondering if it's the posts, poppits or both? ???

The only way I've really been able to get at the source of those small, annoying leaks has been to slather the top of the keg (including the base of the posts) with a soap and water solution after pressurizing the empty keg and looking for the bubbles.  Most often, I find I need to replace all of the gaskets and poppet valves (including the gasket at the top of the dip tubes).  With stubborn, but new, lid gaskets I give it a light coating of keg lube.  On the ball lock kegs I have, I also have found small leaks when leaving the CO2 attached (like the ball lock doesn't fit down tight enough onto the post, a problem I don't have with the pin lock kegs).  On one of the ball lock kegs I have, it seems that the poppet valve spring gets mis-set on the dip tube, making it slightly crooked.  I take a small screwdriver to the base of the valve to get the feet set back into the proper spot.

Poppets and posts come in several different varieties so I take mine apart one at a time so they don't get mixed up.*Parts&searchpath=58088627&start=17&total=33
They can be the wrong poppet or just worn out.

You can get some leak detector at Home Depot, NB also sells some.  This stuff bubbles up even for the smallest of leaks and can tell you exactly where the gas is escaping.  Best to do this without the QD on, just charge up the keg and give a swab.

I can tell you though that if your dip tube o-ring is in good condition, the problem is almost certainly the poppit failing to seal.  It is probably a worn out spring or a deformed rubber seal on the poppit itself, usually the posts are fine unless you can see some gouging or chipping.

Thanks guys.

After I first posted went to get a beer and... nada. A trickle.

Removed the post and inspected under magnification. The post looks worn around the rim where the poppit seats and isn't a perfect circle. Grooved in several areas. I guess metal on metal has ground it down over the years. Poppit looked ok :-\

Thinking it's the post but I'll replace both!

Thanks Tom for the link! Have to figure out what I need to order... ;D


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