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Blichmann burner first impression

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Really quiet and really fast. I wish I could meet a woman like it.

In The Sand:
Well Blichmann's always making advances... ;)

Jimmy K:
Slowly backs away ...

galapagos jim:
I fired up my Blichmann for the first time today, too. Dang thing is near silent. Library quiet, at least.

Did you have any trouble adjusting the flame? (Regulator vs. air louvre) It seemed OK at first but the temp stalled at around 160F so I started messing with it, don't know if that helped any. Overall it seemed a bit slow to get 5 gallons up to a boil.

I was getting a lot of heat wash around the bottom of the kettle, not so much farther up. Could barely touch the valve handle despite it having a heat shield attached.

If that burner seems slow, you don't have it adjusted right. Play with the air to get a nice clean blue flame with little or no yellow on the tips, then open that needle valve and step back.  It does throw a fairly large flame pattern so adjust to make sure the flame stays under your pot not licking up the side. I made a piece of flashing that forms a semi circle about an inch out and around 3/4 of my pot (not the valve or sight glass/thermometer area).
This helps tremendously with the heating in that it redirects the very hot air up the sides of the kettle instead of out, further saving heating time and fuel.


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