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90 miunte bittering charge harshness

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Just tapped an IPA, more or less a blind pig clone. I've done it a number of times before, and it's usually one of my favorites. I was cross checking my old brewing logs with a published version of the recipe just to make sure i hadn't wandered too far away from the core beer, and I noticed that the RR version used a 90 minute (I'm sure for the sake of utilization) bittering charge instead of the 60 I had done in the past. So thats what I went with. 3/4 oz of Chinook and 1/2 oz Columbus for roughly 50 of the 60 IBU's total. The result was a really harsh bitterness, almost solventy in the nose and really not all that pleasant to my palate. It dominated the flavor of the beer.

 Has anyone else experienced this? 

Nope, never had that happen. 


--- Quote from: denny on July 02, 2013, 03:27:40 PM ---Nope, never had that happen.

--- End quote ---

Me either.  Sounds like a water or fermentation issue, perhaps.

How fresh we're the hops? Old hops can do that sometimes

Normal fermentation, pitched at 64 and fermented at 66 with 090. Ramped to 69 for a d-rest toward the end.  I did raise the sulfate to 200 ppm from 150 and mashed a little cooler (149). Hops were less than a year old, vac sealed and kept in freezer


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