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Re: Ball lock vs. Pin lock
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You will need to go with at least a 7CF freezer to fit in 4 cornies (pin or ball).  I have ball locks because I bought those first. 

Four ball lock kegs fit in my 7.5' Lowes special snugly. 

Pin lock kegs are slightly shorter and have a bit wider circumference.  I am not 100% sure that 4 would fit in my freezer but every model is a little different.

Both kinds will do the same job but I think it helps to standardize on one type to save work and expenses.


Would you be able to give me your inside dimensions of your freezer? I went to home depot the other day and I don't think their 7.5CF freezer will work.

I got my freezer at Lowes a few years back.  Not at home right now so I can measure it.  I made keg templates (fancy name for circle cut out of card board) to make sure 4 of my kegs would fit.  My unit only has the back right corner bumped out, not a whole shelf.  If there where a whole shelf 4 kegs would not fit.

My freezer handles 4 ball lock kegs.  I haven't had the need/chance to try 4 pin locks.

I'll get the measurements tonight.

Sweet! I appreciate it. That's a good idea to take 4 templates. Yeah, the one at home depot has an entire shelf. So it really only has about 15" X 23" to work with. I was running about 5 inches short on the length. If the compressor box is just one corner, it would definitely work.