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Lemon Wheat?

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--- Quote from: redbeerman on July 16, 2013, 12:00:24 PM ---I have made saisons in the past with citrus zest and it turns out great!  If you are going with lemon alone, for a five gallon batch I would use the zest of two to six lemons, depending on the character you want.  0.5 oz. of ground coriander added to the end of the boil will add a nice zing as well, alone or in addition to.

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+1.  You could finish with some Sorachi Ace, to enhance the lemony aromas as well.

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I'm nervous about using hops because she is not a huge fan of hops... Hence the reason why I was asked to brew this beer. I'm heading to their house to do some racking, bottling, and kegging today. I will try out this beer today and will have more of an idea if what to do. Thanks for all the advice!


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