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Pellicle or mold in the bottle!?

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I usually keg, but 6 months ago I bottled a Flanders Red.  I went to put one in the fridge today in anticipation of a nice sour beer and noticed some floaters.  This doesn't seem normal, but since I've only ever kegged sours this may have happened on all my batches and I would never have noticed.  Any words of wisdom/caution?

I did check a few other bottles and some have it and some do not.  Could it be my sanitizing practices were lacking and I have a mold problem?

Likely you introduced some o2 during bottling. Several of the organisms in a flanders culture will produce some sort of floaty. Generally pellicles are produced as a barrier to additional o2 dissolution so if some bottles got a little more air than others you might have pellicle form in some and not others.

I had the same thing happen in a batch of Flanders Red.  It is likely just a pellicle reforming.  Just pour carefully.

Normally it will go away in a week or so. If it doesn't then don't worry. There's nothing wrong with drinking a little pellicle.


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