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I just recently upgraded to kegging and am loving it.
My first beer on the keg (Amber) was at high pressure, lots of foam and I had to be careful not to spill. My IPA, the second beer on my kegerator, comes out quite slowly, even after the sediment. It is still carbonated and tastes great.

I am wondering where the difference comes in to play.
I feel like I did something wrong on the second keg.

first beer poured fast and foamy
second beer pours slow but nothing wrong with it
connected to the same CO2 and beer connectors
second beer has been carbonating for 1 week
first beer poured fast as soon as I put it on
CO2 line is split to 2 kegs in the kegerator

Any info would be great. I want to learn!

Mark G:
How long are your beer lines? And what pressure are you serving at?

The pressure reads 20.

(20 of how much per what I don't know)
I don't have a way to set the pressure, only a way to read it as far as I can tell.

Mark G:
How long are your beer lines and what temperature are you serving at?

We're you careful not to get hops in the keg, or have the hops in a fine mess bag if you dry hopped? I have plugged the dip tube and also plugged the poppet with hops. My solution is to now rack with a paint strainer fine mesh nylon bag over the racking cane.


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