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Want to add that Harbor Freight has a soldering-iron for $3.99 so one got bought today. I'll chip some pecan branches and try out the rig demonstrated in the video.

I made an external cold smoker so I now smoke bacon at what ever the ambiant temp is. Cost about $5.
 Going to smoke a boston butt Sunday (@225f) and I will try to remember to take pics.

I'm thinking that when it hits the 30-40-50's that would be the optimum time for cured bacon. Actually smoke it and then not really worry about it getting to 150ish. And either eat it that way like slanina or crisp it up all breakfast-like.

And this stuff (many cured smoked meats) is really meant to be smoked over the course of weeks with a fire lit once daily according to the Marianski bros. That's real preservation.

A couple racks of Baby Backs...


--- Quote from: hamiltont on December 09, 2012, 11:36:14 PM ---A couple racks of Baby Backs...

--- End quote ---

They look fabulous my friend!


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