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Wow, looks deeeeeelicous!  Cubed and fried sounds like heaven.  If ya do that, we are going to demand pictures of those too!

This was a spur of the moment smoke-out.  Bought a cheap (SELECT grade) 12lb  brisket, and decided to do the "hot and fast" method, i.e., smoked it at 350F instead of 225F.  Cut the time at least in half, and the smoke profile is good.  Cut back a bit on my rub this time.

At 165F I.T.  Some guys foil it at about this point, but I let it ride and get darker.

Here it is at 190F.

Time to add some beer, foil it, and throw it in the oven.

Waiting patiently.

Done.  A lot of this will be made into tacos with my chile piquin sauce.


Jimmy K:
Great. Now I'm hungry.

Damn... I love me some brisket tacos!

Awesome looking bbq, Jim! :)

Keep up the great Q!


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