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--- Quote from: euge on February 04, 2013, 07:27:26 PM --- Happen to be very fond of the Spanish-style dried chorizo!

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Twin butts.

Done.  Most will go into tacos.

Without going back through all 151 pages on this thread, does anyone have a good recipe for stuffed pork chops on the BGE?  I've got some friends coming over and I was thinking of buying some real thick chops and stuffing them with something but I'm not sure what.  Was thinking about either a breadcrumb/cheese sort of combo but I'm really open to other ideas too (crabmeat mix of some sort comes to mind).  Thought about going low and slow for a couple hours to get them nice and smokey and then cranking up the heat to finish them off.
Suggestions please...

I do a cornbread jalapeƱo pecan stuffing for pork-chops. You can use the stove-top brand of cornbread stuffing and add the peppers etc...

They come out great on the egg at 375F for an hour or until the center reads 155ish.



--- Quote from: roguejim on February 24, 2013, 09:58:48 AM ---Twin butts.

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Looking good! :)


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