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When I get back to the office Ron. For sure.


--- Quote from: deepsouth on August 05, 2013, 09:27:04 AM ---When I get back to the office Ron. For sure.

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forgive the copy/paste, but it's much easier than typing it out again.

home grown sage, basil, thyme,rosemary, italian flat leaf parsley, chives..... all from my dad's herb garden..... i had some fennel seed on hand, but could not find whole corriander, so i went with corriander powder. fresh garlic, kosher salt, fresh cracked peppercorn medly.

i scrubbed the skin side good with kosher salt and vinegar. i scored both sides at this point. i applied most of the fresh herbs as well as the salt and pepper and put in the tenderloins and rolled it up and vac-sealed it overnight.

yesterday i unsealed it and cut it open and added more fresh herbs along with some more salt and pepper and the fresh minced garlic and i rolled it back up and re-tied it.

set it up indirect and ran it at about 275 for about 2 and a 1/4 hours....

i ramped the temp up to 350 after that 2 and 1/4 hours and let it run like that for an hour before pulling it off the grill.

the skin was like pork cracklins. pretty hard to beat. the fat from the belly melted like butter and the meat was as tender as it could be.

the thick end was 145 when i pulled it, but the smaller end was a little higher in temp, thus not as pink....

this was the post in the bbq forum (with all the pictures)


Haven't had any real BBQ since last November. Boneless thighs seasoned and tied. Rested for 48 hours uncovered on rack in fridge to concentrate the chicken flavor. Low and slow BBQ on pecan wood. I like it hot, sweet and sticky. Cured Spanish-style chorizo I made a few days ago.

Man, that looks fantastic, Euge !  Chicken thighs are so much more moist (and better)than the white meat, not even close. Now that the effing Antarctica winter is over here, I'm firing up the smoker for spare ribs this weekend, apple and hickory for these. I love pecan though, it's really underrated.


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