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The "Truth" About Commercial Beer.

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A member of another forum I participate in posted a link to this article.  An interesting read, in a perverse sort of way.

For all of you truthers out there.
For everybody else, it will either make you laugh, or piss you off.
Before you get too worked up, consider the source. (Look at the other topics discussed there)

Shocking Ingredients Found In Beer!

Yawn.  Life is gonna kill you.  Might as  well end it all now while you're ahead.

I am shocked!

I'm a little shocked that guiness is using HFCS. regardless of the validity of health claims around the product I think it's kind of a bummer that such a classic gateway beer is headed down the cheap ingredients path.

Fish bladders???  What, are they trying to make their crappy mass produced beer taste like traditional cask ale?



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