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Air leak causing mold in chest freezer

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I have a 5cu ft Holiday Chest Freezer for my corny kegs.
Use a Johnson Digital Temp Controller set to 38 degrees with the probe in a thermowell in a Gatorade bottle of water.
I have a Eva-Dry 500 to control moisture, but I'm still having problems with moisture and now a small bit of mold was spotted and cleaned thoroughly.
You can see in the pic how the temp probe is being fed into the freezer.
There is a small gap in the seal allowing air to enter and causing the moisture which is all on the top of the freezer only on the tops of the kegs and regulator.
Any advice on how to feed it in without a leak?

Well duh, use ducttape  ;D

actually that might work. I would guess you don't open the thing a lot other wise you wouldn't be blaming the problem on the probe line. It wouldn't be pretty though.

I suppose you could very carefully cut the seal so the probe line goes in without making a gap. Then you could use super glue, rubber cement, shoe goo type product to seal around the probe line. You would have to leave the cooler open while everything dried and set though.

You could carefully pierce the gasket and feed the probe through. The gasket's elasticity should hold itself tight around the wire.

Or drill a hole in the lid etc. You could do it big enough to where appropriately sized grommets would fit in and the wire would snugly pass through.

Or... Not worry about some piddly amount of mold; and it will give you some excuse to clean periodically. 8)

In The Sand:
Drill a hole through the side and seal it with "Great Stuff". Seen it a thousand times.

klickitat jim:
If you drill, only go thru the skin first. Poke around and make sure there's no electrical or fluid lines, then continue


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