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Biscuit Malt in a Munich Helles?

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So has anyone ever use a little bit of biscuit in a munich helles like 5 % or so?

I would advise against it as I am a bit of a style nazi, but hey it's your beer.  I might cut it back to like 3% for a more subtle appearance.  Biscuit malt can become very distracting even in small amounts.

Ray Daniels used 3% in his book.  As Dave said, it's up to you.  Brew this one with it and the next without...


I don't have a strong opinion either way, but I wanted to chime in to achieve a Dave tripartite. :)

 - Dave

3% was borderline too much for me, style-wise at least.
Still enjoyed it a great deal, but felt like it wasn't a helles.  YMMV.
Also made one with nothing but Kolsch malt.

Biscuit is arguably my favorite specialty malt though.  Started using it after reading Gordon's book and following his Belgian Pale Ale recipe.


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