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Anyone know why the MCAF Homebrew Competition canceled?


I always tried to enter the Montgomery County (Maryland) Agricultural Fair (MCAF) every year.  Anyone know why it was canceled this year?

I called the Fair office to find out the answer and was told it was because there was no superintendent for the beer department this year and they were unable to install one and get everything together in time for this year’s Fair.  They do have a superintendent now and I was assured that it will be back next year.

Thanks for finding that out.  Bummer for me because that was always my go-to competition every year.  Now to figure out what to do with the beer I've been setting aside.  Maybe I'll drive down to Richmond and drop them off for the Dominion Cup (

I'm a bit ignorant on this.  Is the superintendent on the Fair side, or on the homebrew comp side, i.e., did the people at the Fair mess up, or was it something to do with the competition organizers?

Edit:  Of course, just after posting this, I see the post for the upcoming Maryland Microbrew Fest.


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