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I appreciate reverseapachemaster's and theDarkSide's comments.  I had time to sleep on it, and without all of the emotion, I do realize the immense amount of good that the staff do for homebrewing.

I am still disappointed that the reply thus far has been lackluster.  It's as if the BA/AHA staff's hands are tied, but they aren't.  It does absolutely reflect poorly on the brand.  The larger issue is that as homebrewing grows in popularity, these issues become more apparent.  At some point (preferrably sooner) these issues will have to be addressed.

Fair enough.  I think yesterday had more to do with being pissed off than actually mad at the AHA.  I still think the system needs to be fixed, and maybe they'll open up a forum for actual ideas on how to streamline the process of getting member tickets for the GABF as a member benefit.

I wasn't trying to bash the AHA into submission, but when something is broken it needs to be fixed.  It's that was with any organization, for-profit or not-for-profit.  And this obviously needs to be fixed.  And say what you want about it not being purely for business, but bringing in more business gives the AHA a chance to grow for the better, and things like this that cause people to walk away is bad for the AHA.  Period.


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