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SweetWater Rally Pictures!
« on: July 31, 2013, 05:16:38 PM »
A huge thanks to the folks at SweetWater for putting on a great event! AHA members in Atlanta were able to enjoy delicious samples of 420 Extra Pale Ale, Georgia Brown, and many other great beers from SweetWater! Attendees experienced the first rally ever held in the state of Georgia, took VIP tours of the brewery, won prizes from the AHA, and were able to meet brewers from SweetWater!

Relax, Don't Float the Mainstream, Have a Homebrew!

Collaboration at it's finest- the AHA and SweetWater teamed up to provide an excellent event for Atlanta homebrewers on July 28th, 2013!

Homebrewers were able to enjoy great food from Sweet Auburn Barbeque!

The AHA banner looks pretty good next to the SweetWater logo- can you find it?

SweetWater employees were out early to direct the AHA members up to the Reel Room!

AHA members had the opportunity to win an entry to SweetWater's Brew Your Cask Off event on November 9th!

SweetWater's outstanding IPA was on tap all afternoon!

Another great photo showcasing the AHA and SweetWater's collaborative effort to bring Georgia homebrewers an excellent rally!

We can't thank SweetWater enough!

A group of attendees right before taking a VIP tour of the brewery!

Those look like some pretty excited homebrewers!

Georgia House of Representatives Members Brett Harrell (left) and Jason Spencer (right) were on hand to celebrate the recent passage of HB 99, which allows Georgia homebrewers the right to transport their beer outside of their residence!

A delicious line up of SweetWater brews- I think I see a blue ale on tap at the end of the line there!

Attendees also enjoyed cask ales on tap at the rally!

It seemed like SweetWater employees enjoyed pouring their beers almost as much as the homebrewers did drinking them!

Another shot of the SweetWater taproom rocking on Saturday, July 28th, 2013!

Two AHA members enjoy the rally on Sunday. Cheers!

The AHA logo and SweetWater logo really look great with a cask in the background!

Just another shot portraying the effort put in by both the AHA and SweetWater to celebrate homebrewing in Georgia!

A risky shot- but with great risk comes great reward!

The SweetWater logo really sums it all up- great beer, great people... and a great rally!

The homebrewers were out in full force, ready to enjoy their Sunday afternoon several minutes before the doors to the rally opened!

Shortly after the rally ended, the SweetWater staff allowed AHA members to hang out and continue enjoying complimentary 5oz samples of their wonderful craft beers!

I think all the attendees from Sunday can attest that these medals are well deserved!

AHA members were treated to the best seat in the house! Overlooking the taproom and the band playing!

Don't Float the Mainstream- drink SweetWater beer!

A view of the main SweetWater taproom. A great Sunday Funday!

SweetWater's logo welcomes thirsty homebrewers to the taproom!

Many AHA members decided to join the band and other area craft brew enthusiasts at the main taproom once that the rally concluded at 4pm!

Looking to clone a SweetWater beer? Check out the 'brews' section of their website! Here is a link to the IPA recipe:

Thank you again, SweetWater!

Not a bad view!

The taproom staff was hard at work to make sure that nobody went thirsty!

Beer and live music- does anything pair better?

One big 'cheers' from attendees shortly before one of the tours!
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