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Man cave bar with keggorator

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So with our recent move we found that there was more room in our new home. This promptly got me thinking about setting up a little bar area, and freed up space that I was taking in the kitchen with my brewing stuff. I built a bar downstairs and have started kegging. By far the biggest transformation for me since I started brewing. I wanted to share some photos of the work, along with some fixes I had to do to get the tap and keg to fit. Keep in mind I am not a master craftsman. Really this is the first thing I have ever really built.

First problem was how to close the gap from the top of the keggorator to the bottom of the bar without losing cold and keeping the beer lines cold.
Solution is two toilet flanges and a dryer duct. I glued the top flange to the bottom of the bar and filled the space with cotton balls for insulation.
With my first kegged beer, a delicious Porter!
getting some finishing touches. Still not done but getting there!

Very nice!  I wish mine wasn't in the garage...

Very nice work! :)

Excellent work. I wish I had that kind of talent.

Excellent build! I like the way you can make it go away quickly if absolutely necessary. Always have an exit plan. Quality construction and intuitive craftsmanship. May I suggest caulk for the counter top? Someone will knock a glass over if they haven't already,,,


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