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What do you think of this hop combo with Galaxy?

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Really loved the Galaxy hopped commercial beers I've had in the past, so I just got a few lbs of galaxy in and want to experiment with it. 

I'm not a SMASH kind of guy, or even a SH type since I like layering complexity of hop aroma and flavor.

Anyway, thinking of bittering with a high alpha, then at using the following combination all the way through including dryhop:

Galaxy, El Dorado and Columbus

I definitely want Galaxy in there (duh), and also would consider:


I have tons of simcoe and some amarillo, but I really want to steer clear of these hops since I use them so often in everything else.


I think Galaxy, Columbus and almost anything would be good. One of the Stone Enjoy By IPAs from last year used Galaxy and Nelson, and it was fantastic - one of the best IPAs I've ever had. That gets my top vote. Haven't tried El Dorado yet, but I think anything else on that list would be great.

I just tapped a galaxy and cascade hopped APA. It came out fantastic. I am thinking about doing a galaxy centennial blend for my next go around.

I'm probably going to attempt to clone Kona Big Wave Golden Ale for my next brew. Their website says they hop with galaxy and citra. I told myself that I wasn't going to buy anymore hops again this year (back in April lol), but I didn't have any galaxy or ever used it. And of course, I was out of Citra. Bam! 5 oz of each came in the mail yesterday. This being a golden ale, I don't see me using much more than an ounce or two of either of these hops. Keep me informed of what you choose to use it with and if it worked for you!

Everything goes better with Mosaic. From your list I'd go Galaxy, Mosaic, Citra and either Centennial or Columbus depending on whether I wanted to go full-on fruit bomb, or if I wanted to bring out a bit more dank.


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