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Hi all,

I just got back from Belize and I got to try some great beers and some OK beers.  Since the Belize brewing company owns the monopoly on beers there you can't find much.  They have a law regarding beer country of origin...something like a fine if you are caught with a non-local/authorized import beer (at least that was what the shop owners told me).

Belikin Stout-Nice smooth stout.  From the reviews, I expected something worse.  It was fairly dry and pretty well balanced.
Belikin-Nice example of an island lager, nothing to write home about but very refreshing and malty.
Guinness Foreign Export Stout-Wow, that was a bomb of sour-mash and black malt.  It was almost too much for my poor untrained palate.

Lighthouse Lager-a standard light beer
Belikin Premium-standard Euro-style lager. Not bad, not great.

Dragon Stout-I don't know if it was supposed to be a sweet stout or something but it was just sickeningly sweet.

On other notes, fishing there is great, snorkeling is too and the ceviche is to die for (especially if it's made with conch).


I have a buddy that loves that Beliken beer, I have not tried it...but
if I ever go check out the blue hole, I will try some.


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